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What is a "Ghost Restaurant"? In modern terms, it is a food service business that offers only takeout food, sometimes also known as a "cloud kitchen" or a "virtual restaurant". A Ghost Restaurant delivers food directly to its customers, often through the use of third-party delivery services. In many cases, they do not even operate a storefront, so customers cannot come and pick up their own food. 

There are many advantages to operating at this level, which was in part perfected due to the strict guidelines imposed upon many eating establishments over the course of 2020. Some of the more innovative strategies include external partnerships with approved chefs, customized menu options, and more personalized ordering services for specialty goods. Operated to scale, a Ghost Restaurant business could explore functionality on both a local, regional and national basis, and the right concepts or food focus groups could empower new heights of success not traditionally possible through single site restaurant ownership.

When asked to assess the commercial value of as a premium investment, our internal marketplace team provided a valuation that would start in excess of $500,000 or more. Not only does the three letter domain offer instant market authority, credibility, and high memory recollection, the unique combination of letters carries its own strength and character as a versatile branding option for limitless ideas and opportunities. Applied to the possibility of a pizza-focused Ghost Restaurant platform, this would be just one of many exceptional ideas featuring high viability.

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